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About Price

If you look closely, Make Face Socks has a very low price. This is not fake. This is one of our strategies.
Make Face Socks was established in 2018. At that time, we were the same as other brands, with ordinary styles, ordinary quality, and ordinary prices.
In order to change this phenomenon, we built our own factory only in 2019. It is obvious that it makes us better. In the following time, we can complete the delivery more quickly, with almost zero damage, and efficient work. Reduced a lot of costs.
Not only that, makefacesocks has almost achieved zero marketing expenses. It is difficult to see that makefacesocks has put too much advertising information, which will save a lot of expenditure. I only hope that when you see makefacesocks, you are surprised to find that it is the same. Among all types of socks, the price is almost the lowest, which is unbelievable. Due to the success of the strategy, makefacesocks even OEM for several brands of customized face socks. This is also a proud achievement, so please don’t worry about it. For services that will reduce quality or discounts, MakeFaceSocks hopes to do everything simply and excellently.